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Intelligent 404 -MRR

And thats just ONE instance. Think about all the other places a viewer might encounter a bad link...

An important message you posted on a discussion board.

A quality article you wrote and distributed throughout the Internet.

A link to your website that someone else placed on their resources page.

A classified ad that got blasted to FFA sites and/or safelists.

A product or affiliate link in a paid or free distribution ebook you released.

A product or affiliate link in an ecourse youre sending out through autoresponder.

The list goes on and on. And with so many areas involved, its unlikely that you have the time or ability to be 100 certain no mistakes have occurred. So whats the solution?

Say Good-Bye To 404 Errors Once And For All!

Finally! A simple and completely effective method of doing away with all those ugly and unproductive 404 errors!

How would you like to...

Arrange it so viewers NEVER see another page cannot be displayed message, even if theyve come from one of your affiliate pages.

Never again lose sleep over whether or not you happened to input a misspelled URL address in one of your ezine ads.

Install a simple intelligent script that can determine on its own what page a viewer was looking for (even though it was typed wrong) and take them there without hesitation.

Receive an instant email message whenever a viewer reached your custom error page (including comprehensive details of where they came from and what URL they were originally trying to access).

Purchase a product that not only offers FREE lifetime upgrades but comes with a 100 no-questions-asked, money-back, full-refund guarantee.

With Intelligent 404, youll have all this and more! And the installation is so easy, even someone with little or no script experience can handle it in a matter of minutes. Simply edit one file and upload four files to your web server. Thats it!

Note: If you need help installing the script or dont have time to do it yourself, well arrange to get everything up and running for a small additional fee.

System Requirements

To install and run the Intelligent 404, you will need a web host that offers the following:

Support of custom 404 error pages such as .htaccess files

Ability to run PHP 4.0 or higher

How Much Is Your Peace Of Mind Worth?

As an online business owner, the last thing you need to do is waste valuable time worrying about 404 errors. And even if there was some way to guarantee that each and every one of your hyperlinks is accurate (which there isnt), you certainly cant control whether or not a viewer will type in your correct URL address.

Put an end to all that forever by purchasing Intelligent 404 right now! Youll not only gain the most effective and most efficient method of eliminating 404 errors, youll know for certain that your viewers will always get to the web page theyre looking for!

Remember, Intelligent 404 is so intelligent, it will automatically determine what the wrong URL address should have been. Once it zeros in on the right one, the viewer is taken there immediately. And they wont even know there was anything going on behind the scenes!

Regardless of how the the misspelling occurred, Intelligent 404 will simply substitute the correct extension and the viewer goes straight to the real web page automatically! Now thats the way to conduct business with the highest level of professionalism!

PLUS, you receive an email telling you exactly where the viewer came from and what URL address they were trying to access. If it turns out to be a bad, broken, or incorrect hyperlink, you have the ability to correct the problem in a timely manner. Of course, in the meantime, you can relax, confident that the viewer was already directed to the right web page!

Whatever you do, dont put this off - do it right now while its fresh on your mind. Click the link below... fill-in the information ... and get your copy of Intelligent 404 today!

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